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Atomic Habits by James Clear [Book Review]

Today on the Business With Impact podcast, I am SO excited to kick off our first-ever book review segment.

If you haven’t heard, one of my goals this year was to read at least two books a month. By mid-February, I’d already read over 20!

But more importantly, I’ve already implemented at least one new thing from each book I read.

Imagine how much your business would change if you implemented one new thing every single week?

These are my top 3 takeaways from Atomic Habits by James Clear


If you get one percent better each day for one year, you'll end up thirty-seven times better by the time you’re done.

One of my actions from this was starting to ask myself each day — what was my 1%? So often I’m guilty of having an all-or-nothing attitude and beating myself up for not changing overnight.

But when I focus on just making things 1% better each day, all of the sudden it’s VERY doable.

And on the flip side – I realize how important it is not to just “skip a day” too. I used to rationalize skipping because “what will that really change?” A whole lot, in fact.


Make your habits OBVIOUS.

James gives so many incredible examples in his book, but one that I love is the simple art of making things easy and obvious + stacking habits together.

Personally, I’ve been trying to get better about taking certain health supplements.

I BOUGHT the supplements and I put them in the kitchen cabinet right above the coffee maker… but for some reason I wasn’t actually TAKING them!

After reading through Atomic Habits, I created a new habit: I bought a purple pill jar (one for the ones that has M-S written on the top, and I filled each section with the appropriate supplements for the week.

Then I set that purple box right next to my coffee maker.

Now, each morning when I’m making breakfast, it’s right there – next to the coffee.

Easy to see, in-sight, and I haven’t skipped a dose since. It’s so simple.


Using the paperclip method

One example that James shares in Atomic Habits is that of a business man who vowed to make 120 sales calls each day.

As a visual representation of these calls, he placed two jars on his desk: one full of 120 paperclips, the other empty.

Each day, the business man would move a paperclip from the full jar to the empty jar as he made a call. He would keep calling until every paperclip was moved.

Day after day. Week after week.

Within 18 months he was bringing in $5 million to the firm.

Visible cues reinforce good behaviors. And in Atomic Habits, James talks about how to include a habit tracker as part of our routine.

I mentioned at the beginning of this episode that reading was a goal of mine this year, and you can bet I’ve been tracking my reading each day this year. And it’s changed EVERYTHING for me.

Now those are just three takeaways, but to be honest I could talk about this book for hours. In fact, it’s one I plan to listen to over-and-over-again at least once a year.


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