Ericka Eller:

Avoiding Burnout for the Busy Entrepreneur

Today on the Business With Impact podcast I am so excited to be joined by my friend and fellow Business With Impact Society member, Ericka Eller!

Ericka is a wife, a mom, and a functional nutritionist + stress coach for high achievers. Through a grace-based coaching practice that promotes sustainable wellness and recovery from stress, Ericka helps her clients increase business success and longevity by managing their stress!

And friends… the things that we talk about today are probably things that you're facing right now in your physical and personal lives. They might even be things that you've been ignoring or not really paying much attention to.

In this episode, Ericka is going to talk to us about some of the warning signs that our bodies may be giving us if we are approaching burnout. And the reality is, if we can't perform, we can't show up.

Listen in as Ericka teaches us some of her simple, proven strategies to prevent these things from happening in our own lives and our own businesses!

>> At 3:01, Ericka talks us through what exactly is burnout and what she’s been seeing in recent months with her clients. Knowing what it actually is, is the first step to avoid it!

>> At 8:50, Ericka takes us through some really practical tips on how to step out of, or reverse the process, of burnout once we begin to notice it in our lives. It’s essential to identify it early so we’re not too far down the burnout hole to reverse the process.

>> At 14:47, we discuss Ericka’s free quiz that you can download that will help you identify your stress levels and to see if you’re moving closer to burnout or further away from it.

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