Katie Fleming:

Balancing Motherhood and Business

The other day, my daughter asked me, “Why is it when you tell me something I don't always do it, but when my teacher tells me to do the same thing, I really understand it. How can I hear my teacher better than you?”

Wow. That's what happens all the time, right? Our parents or our spouses will tell us something but we won't do it. Then along comes a friend or a trusted adviser and they give us the exact same advice and it's as if we've heard it for the very first time. 

I hope that in today's episode you hear and resonate with what is shared because it's really good and it's really important. This message could have the potential to change the trajectory of your business.

Today on the Business With Impact podcast I am joined by my new friend, Katie Fleming! Katie is a podcast host, speaker and a business and marketing mentor for mom entrepreneurs who are coaches, consultants and service providers growing their income to 6 figures without sacrificing their family life. She is a big believer in what she calls, Ambitious Motherhood™, pursuing your calling both in and out of your home.

One of the things that I love about Katie and about this episode is that we have the same heart and the same passion for female entrepreneurs. We're going to talk through some concepts that you may have heard before, but what I hope is that when you hear Katie talk about it, it will resonate with you in a whole new way as she explains it.

So, if listening to me say it before hasn't helped, I know that hearing Katie say it, and the way that she explains it, is going to change the way that you do business.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

>> At 2:34, Katie jumps right in to telling us about her journey of becoming a mom entrepreneur who trains other business moms how to take their expertise and turn it into a six-figure business that they run on “nap time hours” (aka less than 20 hours a week) by training them to balance chasing their dreams and being present with their family.

>> At 4:33, Katie shares how to overcome self-deprecating thoughts, along with other common lies we tell ourselves as business owners (hint: mindset, mindset, mindset!).

>> At 8:13, we talk about one of the main problems entrepreneurs face and how to overcome it: narrowing down your ONE offer. From there Katie shares some really practical tips and advice on how to move forward in your market after nailing down your one offer.

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