Mel Abraham:

Becoming the Thought-Leader in Your Industry

Today on the Business With Impact podcast, I'm so excited to welcome my friend and mastermind brother, Mel Abraham to the show today! Mel is the thought leader to thought leaders, you guys.

He is a number one best-selling author and has shared the stage with beacons in the personal development industry from Arianna Huffington to Chalene Johnson and Tony Robbins. He has created and implemented growth strategies, including taking companies up to two-hundred million dollars and he's created multiple entrepreneurial training programs to provide the keys to business growth and success.

On today's episode Mel is diving into how you can be seen as a thought leader in your industry: What this looks like, the mistakes that entrepreneurs often make, and he's including his best tips and best framework for you. So get excited! Make sure to have a pen and paper ready because you're going to want to take a lot of notes with today’s episode!

>> At 7:24, Mel jumps right in and shares with the entrepreneur is struggling and who feels like they don’t have a voice in the “white noise” of the business world, and he shares with us how we can make our message and voice truly unique.

>> At 11:12, Mel tells us how he is able to stay authentic in all areas of his life, like social media, even when it’s hard or when he doesn’t feel like showing up.

>> At 17:58, we talk through Mel’s “thinking hierarchy,” which is his framework for becoming a thought leader in your industry, business, or niche. This is some good stuff here, and this is where you’ll want to have that pen and paper handy for note taking! After taking us through the framework, Mel talks about common mistakes he sees entrepreneurs making.

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