Nicole Walters:

Building a Bigger Legacy
Today on the Business With Impact podcast, I am super excited to be joined by my new friend Nicole Walters! As the CEO and Founder of NapNic, LLC, Nicole specializes in business development training and strategic coaching for emerging entrepreneurs and established business owners. She is a relatable and authentic leader and the host of the popular and highly-rated Nicole Walters podcast, where she doles out entrepreneurship and lifestyle tips. Each week, thousands of listeners tune in to get nuggets of wisdom. When she’s not helping entrepreneurs optimize their businesses, she enjoys spending time with her husband and three children.

Now, you may have heard of Nicole from her Periscope days. She is the one who publicly quit her corporate job live on her account and she's the one who made over $11,000 in just three weeks through an affiliate program. And she is the one who now helps entrepreneurs and women just like you learn why what we're doing is about building a bigger legacy.

On today's episode, she is going to share two huge things that I'm not going to call, “things we didn't know better.” But we're going to know about her after we listen to today's episode! And when you know better, you do better. Finally, Nicole is going to leave you with some great inspiration. It's going to make you want to pick back up, keep moving, and doing what you're doing.

You guys, we were created on purpose, for a purpose and I'm so excited to dive into Nicole's purpose on today's episode!

>> At 3:01, Nicole jumps right into her story of how she left corporate America, why, and HOW she made that $11,000 in just 3 weeks!

>> At 7:50, we dive into those “things we didn’t know better” when it comes to our business. These are so good and you NEED to hear what Nicole has to say (specifically the part about putting the right price tag on your offer).

>> At 12:21, Nicole shares with us how to give ourselves grace and pick back up again when those mistakes happen or the rough days come. Finally, she’ll end with a great nugget of inspiration for those entrepreneurs who may be struggling with doubt!

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