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Creating an Impactful Framework for Your Business with Mel Abraham
Mel Abraham

This past week, my friend, Mel Abraham, sat down with me and with the ladies in the Business With Impact Society™ and talked us through how to create our first framework—a framework that would be impactful and that would really help our audience to see and understand what it is that we do.

So, on today on the Business With Impact episode, I'm going to play a clip from what Mel shared with our Business With Impact Society™ members… because this message about frameworks is too good not to share with you.

Be sure to tune in and take notes because this is a training you do not want to miss!


At 4:16, Mel starts off by telling us a bit about his background and how he became a pro in the business framework world. His background story is key, so be sure to tune in here!


At 11:26, in this section, Mel dives into why every business owner should have a framework for their business.


At 16:21, after encouraging us to not be afraid to create a framework that could potentially change in the future, Mel defines exactly what a framework is.


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