Natalie Eskew:

Creating Christ-Centered Content

Today on the Business With Impact podcast I am so excited to be joined by my good friend, Natalie Eskew! Natalie is a wife and mother to two girls. Using her spiritual gifts of encouragement, discernment, and teaching, God has placed her in varying leadership positions. Her social media course, Your Story HIS Glory, teaches everyone how to use what God is doing in their life to point others to Jesus. She is a mentor in her direct sales company and her focus is Jesus over the world!

In today's episode, Natalie is going to talk about content, but she is going to talk about it from a perspective that I am pretty sure you've never heard it spoken about before! And by the end of this episode you're going to know some mistakes you've been making and some things you can be doing differently with your content so that you can start to serve the people you are meant to serve in a unique and different way!

>> At 4:17, Natalie begins by breaking down her content formula and why it doesn’t have to be so complicated for us— really, it can be so simple! She also tells us more about her course, Your Story HIS Glory.

>> At 8:30, I discuss with Natalie some of the biggest mistakes she sees people do with their content on a regular basis and what they should be doing instead. Getting ready to take notes at this part! 

>> At 15:45, Natalie shares about her FREE social media template guide that teaches you how to frame your posts using the 3 E’s: Encourage, Engage, Educate!

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