Christina Jandali:

Creating Lasting Connections Using Facebook Groups

Today on the Business With Impact podcast,

I'm so excited to welcome back my friend and mastermind sister Christina Jandali! Christina is a confidence boosting, cash-creating, business growth strategist who helps online business owners stand out and get seen while creating six-figure+ profits using the power of Facebook groups.

On today's episode, she is truly delivering her genius as she shares why Facebook groups are so important. In today’s social media economy, Facebook groups create a leveraged connection, especially in a marketplace where a connection is currency– today relationships are so, so important and vital! Finally, she shares the mistakes that many people are making with their Facebook groups and the types of content that you need to be leveraging in your Facebook group.

So whether you have a Facebook group, you've considered having a Facebook group, or you've even decided they are not for you, I am going to encourage you to listen in to today's episode and see if she changes your mind like she changed mine!

>> At 2:01, Christina starts us off by explaining a noticeable “shift” in the online entrepreneur space that she has been following for some time– what it is, why it’s happening, how you can learn and benefit from it as well!

>> At 7:35, After discussing why Facebook groups are so crucial to growing your business (if leveraged correctly!), Christina talks about two crucial things that are missing from many Facebook groups: An engagement strategy and a sales strategy. 

>> At 16:09, Christina talks to those of us (like myself!) who have been or who are currently hesitant about creating a Facebook group by explaining the two different types of Facebook groups to leverage: A “pop-up” style Facebook group and an ongoing, free Facebook group. 

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