Michelle Myers:

Doing Business the Noble Way vs. The Normal Way

I'm so excited to be joined today on the Business With Impact podcast by my friend Michelle Myers from She Works HIS Way. She's also the creator of the Narrow conference, Network Marketing Nobility and the swHw Business Tracker, the author of Famous in Heaven and at Home, and a certified StoryBrand Guide and Copywriter. Basically, her work happy place is pulling out of others what God already put in them.

Now, you might remember Michelle from the very first episode of this podcast and I'm excited to have her back on to talk about something new that she's been doing in her own life and business. We're going to talk all about doing business the noble way instead of the normal way.

And y'all, I wanted to stop and tweet every other line from this episode. So if you're busy, this is one that you might want to listen to the first time and then grab a pen and some paper and take notes the second time through.

I know you're going to love this episode just as much as I do!

>> At 4:09, Michelle jumps right into the in’s and out’s of network marketing, an often misunderstood industry, and offers business insight to the skeptic, the one who’s been burned by network marketers, and to the one knee-deep into their industry by encouraging us that while you can’t change someone’s past experiences, you can choose to give them a new one.

>> At 11:36, Michelle talks about some of the common mistakes network marketers make and how you can do your best to move on from those past errors.

>> At 15:15, Michelle gives us all the details about her new course, Network Marketing Nobility! And trust me– if you are in the network marketing field or are thinking about it, this program is definitely something to consider pursuing to help your business thrive!

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