Jasmine Star:

Finding the Courage to Speak Your Truth

Rachel Mcmichael:

Finding the Courage to Speak Your Truth with Jasmin Star

One of the hardest parts about being an entrepreneur is learning how you can stand out in a sea of voices on social media. Believe me when I say, that this was my struggle when I was first starting out and it can be a paralyzing thought.

How do you find the people you are going to serve?
How do you find the right words to say to sell your products?
How do you find the courage you need to say things that may be a bit controversial?
Today on the Business With Impact podcast I’m am so excited to be joined by my friend and Mastermind sister, Jasmine Star of Social Curator. Today's conversation with Jasmine is one that is going to leave you empowered, inspired, and encouraged to stay committed, stay courageous, and stay consistent in your business.

Jasmine is going to share some of the obstacles that she had to overcome to get where she's at today and then we're going to talk about some incredible things that she's been doing in her own business to help entrepreneurs like you and I find our voice and lead confidently and courageously.

>> At 3:12, Jasmine shares with us what it means to speak our truths as business owners and how, eventually, the courage we have in doing that helps us to grow in our personal lives and help us grow our businesses.

>> At 9:10, we talk about “embracing the no” in our businesses and how to handle it when people say no to our personal brands (hint: you shouldn’t take it personally!).

>> At 13:20, Jasmine talks all about her platform, The Social Curator, how she started that, why she started it, and how it has helped thousands of entrepreneurs find their voice on social media by giving them the tools they need: captions, photos, inspiration, and so much more! Listen along to see how this tool could really help transform your business too!

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