Zeudy Mars:

Health Is Wealth

As a business owner, how often do you connect the success of your business to the health of your body? I love how our guest on today’s episode put it… when it comes to our businesses, “our health is our wealth”! 

Today on the Business With Impact podcast, I’m beyond thrilled to welcome my friend and Business with Impact Society member, Zeudy Mars! Zeudy is a Wellness Success coach who teaches female entrepreneurs how to fuel their body the right ways so they can have more energy to make a big impact in the world with their business!

On today's episode, I think we're going to change your mind about some of the things that may be going on in your current routines in your business. 

You’ll hear me make some confessions about some things that went on in my own business as Zeudy walks us through some practical and tangible steps to make intentional changes.

Today, this is an episode that you're going to want to listen to and take notes! And truly, this could change your year if you’re willing to DO the things that we talk about today!

>> At 8:32, after sharing how she got into the health business, Zeudy tackles some of the more popular lies circulating in the entrepreneurial world today that are harmful to our health AND to our business (spoiler alert: you DON’T have to hustle, hustle, hustle to be successful!).

>> At 13:53, Zeudy gives a wake up call for the entrepreneur who is on that unhealthy train in your business — poor eating, not enough sleep, too much caffeine — and what to do to turn it all around.

>> At 19:55, Zeudy gives us some very practical steps to take to start to transform our lives and our health so that we can see better success in our businesses!

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