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How To Set Goals & Actually Achieve Them

Welcome back to the Business With Impact Podcast for 2022!

Here on the podcast, we want to make sure that we're answering the most important questions for your business and one of those questions that we're going to be tackling today is goal-setting and goal-achieving. We thought this was the perfect way to kick off the new year on the podcast.

I’m assuming that there are a couple of different types of people who are reading (and listening!) right now…

For some of you, goals make you feel really insecure because you don’t ever hit your goals…which makes you feel bad about yourself.

Then there’s people who sometimes hit their goals and sometimes don't—maybe you set a goal last year and you can’t even remember what it was (I hate to break it to you, but if you don't remember what the goal was, it was more like a really good idea).

Finally, there's those of you who always crush your goals, all of the time. You’re already on your 15th planner of the year, you've got all the calendars and all the color coding…Goal setting just comes easy for you!

…And I want to tell you right now, that no matter which one of those categories you fall into, today's episode is for you!


At 5:55, we talk about how we do goal-planning a bit differently in our business. Our model kind of turns goal-setting on its head, but it’s proven to be such a beneficial strategy for our business!


At 12:05, we get into the goal-achieving portion of our episode. Here we take you through three basic steps we take to make sure we’re reaching our goals…starting with choosing a destination. It may seem basic…but that’s for sure why you need to make sure you tune in here to see what we made sure to include it!


At 20:19, after taking you through these three steps (ending with just going back to the basics!), we take you through a real-life example of how we have done this in our business in the past. Leaving you, of course, with some real practical steps you can take too!

Goal Achieving Workshop Mockup

Goal Achieving Workshop

Success happens when we’re getting things DONE, and this Goal Achieving Workshop includes the step-by-step, proven techniques that will have you checking off those goals with real action (and a system that keeps you motivated year-round)!

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