How To Solve Problems (big or small!) In Your Business

Today on the Business With Impact Podcast, we're going to talk all about how we handle problems when they come up in the business.

In our business, we look at problems a lot differently than most other businesses—which, I believe, sets us apart in talking about this topic. We actually celebrate our problems!

But, here's the thing…I haven't always been great at how I look at problems—especially when I was first getting started. Any hiccup that I had or whenever something wasn't working…I would really personalize it and internalize it.

I would make it mean a whole lot of things about myself, about the business, and my worth (like if I was really an imposter!) that it didn’t really mean.

So, if you're reading this right now and that's you…just know that's really normal.

But I also want to tell you that when I started to approach problems differently in my business, it allowed me to learn lessons a lot more quickly, which allowed me to grow in leadership so that my business could grow and expand quicker than I could have ever imagined!


At 2:45, after telling you a bit about how we handle problems a bit differently in our business, we jump right into the first step to help you celebrate your problems: look for the lessons!


At 6:40, we talk about how so often when we’re facing a problem or difficult situation in our business, we can become so binary focused…it’s either THIS or THAT. We help you here learn how to shift your focus so that you can learn to see that there are more than two ways to approach a problem.


At 12:19, we hit step #3 in helping you approach problems differently in your business: don’t take the problems you do have for granted. How you handle even the smallest problems in your business is practice for how you’ll handle the bigger problems that may come your way.

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