Lindsey Nadler:

Know Your Passion

Today on the Business With Impact podcast I'm joined by Lindsay Nadler from The Passionista Podcast. Lindsey believes that passion is EVERYTHING and is on a mission to empower women to become confident leaders that boldly chase their God-given dreams. She is a life and business coach, and the creator of The Passionista Community where she helps women go from struggling hobbyists to confident CEO's and leaders that effectively monetize their passion online.

Lindsay dives in today into some incredible things that I think are so important for us as female entrepreneurs! She talks about the importance of knowing your passion, about knowing when to pivot, about staying intentional with REST, and we even have a really fun conversation all about Julia Roberts in the movie Runaway Bride and how she's trying to decide which eggs she likes and how that is a whole lot like entrepreneurship and running your own online business.

It's an amazing episode and I’m so excited for you to dive in today!

>> At 4:31, Lindsey shares her amazing back story that led her into the entrepreneurship business (police officer to network marketer to non-profit owner) which ultimately led her down a road of being sick and worn out. Listen in and learn from Lindsey as she talks about the IMPORTANCE of rest for business owners!

 >> At 12:43, Lindsey gives advice to the entrepreneur who is struggling to find what her passion truly is. They long to step into their passion, but they’re burnt out trying to figure out what that is.  

>> At 17:20, What do Julia Roberts and cooking eggs have to do with entrepreneurship? If you’ve seen the movie Runaway Bride, then you might guess where this is going. But tune in here to see how comparing our breakfast eggs with someone else’s won’t get us very far in this business.

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