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Leading a Purpose Driven Business with Bob Heilig

I'm so excited to be joined today on the Business With Impact podcast by my friend Bob Heilig from Your Virtual Upline!

Bob is the Founder of Your Virtual Upline, a training resource for the new wave of network marketers that put love, service and giving at the heart of their business, and want strategies and techniques that work in the world we live in today. The mission of the company is to help you build a profitable network marketing business that gives back to the world in an even bigger way!

Now you might think that because I'm speaking with Bob we're only going to be talking about all things direct sales but you'd be wrong. While we do speak a bit about the industry, the lessons that Bob shares on today's episode are relevant for any purpose driven online business owner– and if you're reading this right now, I know that that's you.

On today's episode Bob specifically talks about what purpose driven leadership looks like and what to do when all seems lost. And I know that by the time you finish with today's episode you're going to want to put it on replay and listen over and over again, every single day!

>> At 5:12, we get to dive into the background of Bob’s story from how he got started in the network marketing industry which led to a dream and goal to really revolutionize an industry that has a very interesting reputation in our culture today through his signature coaching programs.

>> At 11:23, Bob talks us through a time in his life and business when he wasn’t exactly feeling fulfilled (hint: money isn’t the answer!) and how he turned that around to find his greater mission and purpose.

>> At 15:17, Bob leaves us entrepreneurs (whether you’re in network marketing or not!) with some excellent advice and practical tips on what we can do to keep going when things get difficult in our own businesses.

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