Kira Hug:

Making Your Copy Like Your Living Room

Today on the Business With Impact podcast, I am beyond excited to be joined by copywriter extrordinaire — Kira Hug!

Kira is a conversion copywriter who specializes in personality-driven launch copy. She helps small business owners following her signature, Weird Trifecta Framework™ (which we’re going to be diving into a bit in today’s episode)!

In fact, we're talking about how to make your copy like your living room — how to make it warm and inviting, or fun and creative, or whatever your “living room” personality might be!

I’m sure that what she teaches us today is something that we’ll all use over and over again for our businesses – whether you're writing a sales page, an email, or whether you're just writing a post on social media! So get ready to take some notes and brainstorm your brand personality!

>> At 3:38, Kira jumps right into telling us all about her “living room framework” approach to creating copy, which is all about getting to know your business personality and brand! And you guys, this is an absolute genius way to view the copy you write.

>> At 7:47, We talk about the comparison game and how, as business owners, we can work to avoid falling into the “trap” of trying to make our story or brand like someone else’s and how we can really learn to love and own who we are as business owners!

>> At 9:27, Kira takes us through her brilliant exercise of figuring out exactly what our “living room” brand is! Kira has some excellent, in depth questions to walk us through so be ready to have a pen and paper handy for this portion of the podcast. This was one of my favorite things to do yet, I know you’ll enjoy it too!

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