Melissa Tallman:

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

Today on the Business With Impact podcast, I’m so excited to interview Melissa Tallman! Melissa is a former elementary who began creating resources to sell online in 2011. After a year, she was earning more than her full-time teaching salary. This past year, she has expanded her business on her own website and is offering an online professional development course and curriculum for teachers to use with their struggling readers.

>> At 6:45, after telling us about the amazing way she got started in business (spoiler: it was a side hobby for fun!), Melissa tells about how she was able to take her teaching skills and help impact an even larger community of business leaders.

>> At 9:32, she offers some encouragement to those business owners (or aspiring entrepreneurs) who never really thought they’d be opening a business and how to handle changes, as well as a good reminder to not get overwhelmed by trying to do everything at once.

>> At 13:17, we talk about mindset and how to overcome limiting beliefs and negative feelings we may have about ourselves and our businesses. These are really just growth moments for us if we can learn to use them well.

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