Penny Elliott:

Perfecting Your Sales Pitch

Today on the Business With Impact podcast I’m so thrilled to be joined by one of my friends, sales superstar Penny Elliott! 

Penny is the founder of, where she helps female entrepreneurs get momentum in their businesses to have the life and business they deserve. She is the author of Get Momentum – How to Create $100K in 100 Days without Fear, Overwhelm and Burnout, she is published in over 30 publications worldwide, and she loves competing in triathlons — all while being a wife and mom to her son!

Penny is a master at selling and is definitely a force to be reckoned with! And today, she is going to share with you some of the pitfalls that she sees entrepreneurs making when it comes to selling.

So whether you work with one-on-one clients, you're trying to get that first client, or maybe you've just really struggled when it comes to the pitch in your presentation… This is a must listen to episode for you!

>> At 3:40, Penny jumps right in to talking about some of the mistakes that she sees entrepreneurs make, specifically when it comes to selling (or really, the lack of selling in their business). I learned SO much here and admitted that I’ve been guilty in the past of this, too.

>> At 8:18, Penny has some excellent advice for the business owner who just feels like they’ve been living in a series of consecutive “no’s,” and what to do to help you get out of that downward spiral.

>> At 13:46, we discuss how the mindset of being desperate in your business can actually be devastating to your business– and what to do to overcome that so your potential clients can feel valued, rather than that they are just a number.

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