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Priority Based Living + Goal Setting

On today’s episode of the Business With Impact podcast, we're talking about priority based living and why it’s so important when it comes to goal setting. We’re diving into what priority based living means, why it matters, and how we implement it in our business and life. 

>> At 1:00, before we dive into priority based living, we start with goal setting. We talk about the problems I see with traditional goal setting (think New Year’s resolutions or fiscal year goals) and how we set goals differently at McMichael Consulting… which of course all ties into priority based living!

>> At 3:31, we get into what priority-based living is and what it looks like. Essentially, priority based living is a framework that we intentionally decide for ourselves that makes the most sense for our life. Listen in to see how I do this in my life and business and how it affects the goals and success of my business.

>> At 10:55, after sharing some of the practical ways we do this in our business (and talk through how you can do this too!), I open up about how this has really changed my business and my mentality surrounding my business when it comes to hitting or missing goals. I’ve learned how to frame the way to look at these things in a way that is productive no matter the outcome.

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