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Recession-Proof Your Online Business (Day 3)

I know you already know that last week, we hosted a five-part mini-series on the podcast all about the changing circumstances and how business owners are responding to everything that's happening in our world right now.

And then on Friday, I partnered with several industry leaders to host a mini-summit all about how we can rise up during this time.

And on that call I could FEEL the tension in the audience.

There's just a LOT going on right now, you know?

And I know a question on a lot of our minds is “what do I do next?”

When uncertain times hit, it can feel overwhelming to know what steps to take.

It's easy to react from our emotion or to start to look left-and-right to see what everyone else is doing.

Maybe you're feeling that way, too?

I want to propose a different course of action: Working from a plan.

This week, I'm going to be releasing some of my best free content, sharing exactly what we're doing here to thrive, not just survive — to recession-proof our business — and I want to help you create a custom plan for yours.

Here's what we're covering today:
  • Something that’s super critical to every business owner’s success… and the truth is – you can’t run your business without it.
  • The first two sections of the CORE 5 — Content + Traffic – and how these strategies should pivot in the current economy.

And you're invited!
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