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Recession-Proof Your Online Business (Day 4)

I know you already know that last week, we hosted a five-part mini-series on the podcast all about the changing circumstances and how business owners are responding to everything that's happening in our world right now.

And then on Friday, I partnered with several industry leaders to host a mini-summit all about how we can rise up during this time.

And on that call I could FEEL the tension in the audience.

There's just a LOT going on right now, you know?

And I know a question on a lot of our minds is “what do I do next?”

When uncertain times hit, it can feel overwhelming to know what steps to take.

It's easy to react from our emotion or to start to look left-and-right to see what everyone else is doing.

Maybe you're feeling that way, too?

I want to propose a different course of action: Working from a plan.

This week, I'm going to be releasing some of my best free content, sharing exactly what we're doing here to thrive, not just survive — to recession-proof our business — and I want to help you create a custom plan for yours.

Here's what we're covering today:
  • What's different about the lead strategies we used to use, and what we can do now.
  • Why selling is a service, and how to know when to pivot our offers.
  • How our customer support can actually help fill the funnel over and over again with new qualified prospects.

And you're invited!

Click the link and join this FREE training now! rachelmcmichael.com/thrive

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