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Reverse Approach to Faith and Fitness with Marsha Apsley
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Today on the Business With Impact podcast, I'm so excited to introduce you to my friend and Business With Impact Society sister, Marsha Apsley!

Marsha is a mental health counselor who helps women break free from the dieting mindset by implementing a faith and fitness framework so that they can discover how to feel good in their body right now at whatever age and stage of life they are in.

On today's episode, Marsha's diving into the unique way that she approaches faith and fitness with her clients. So often we hear of trainers and fitness professionals who want to help you change on the outside so that you can feel better on the inside.

In today's episode, Marsha's going to share with us her reverse way of approaching this, that I think you're going to love just as much as I do. And maybe, it will actually help bring you the lasting change you’re looking for!


At 2:15, Marsha jumps right into her strategy of fitness and why it’s different from most other approaches. It’s not just a “one size fits all” approach, but instead it really caters to the individual.


At 6:21, we talk about how “freedom” is a big buzzword right now in health and business, but Marsha talks about freedom specifically as it relates to faith and fitness, and what it means to her and her clients.


At 9:40, Marsha dives deeper into her method of health and fitness and explains how it’s almost a reverse approach to the mainstream. Instead of focusing on the outside, she works on the inside first, and then the outside becomes a by-product of what's happening on the inside.


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