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RISE Summit and Q&A

Today on the Business With Impact podcast I'm excited to share a recording from a recent panel that I had an opportunity to be a part of when my friend, Dr. Shannon Irvine, asked me to join together with her in the RISE Together top industry leader panel. It truly was a humbling experience.

But I was also really excited to have the opportunity to share what we're doing here at McMichael Consulting, LLC to pivot during this new time and season for business owners! It was amazing to answer questions from the audience about what we're doing in our business and what they may want to do in their own businesses.

So, when I got the audio recordings, I just knew I had to share them with you too!

In today's episode, you're first going to hear what I spoke about in regards to what we're doing in our business right now – especially when I have limited time and a lot more responsibilities on my plate, as I know many of you who are working moms do as well.

Then we're talking through some questions that were asked during the summit. Questions like, “Is it OK to still sell?” or “I'm responsible for so many people. What do I do now?”

I hope that this helps you as you're making decisions in your online business and as you’re pivoting directions too. And if you've got additional questions after listening to this episode, don't forget to tag me on Instagram (@rachelrmcmichael) or shoot me over a quick DM!

I'm here for you!

>> At 2:31, I discuss the four main pillars that I knew I needed to focus on during this uncertain time: my business, my health, my family, my faith. Maybe this is where you need to start too? What are your pillars you need to focus on?

>> At 5:00, From there I break each pillar down further– specifically with my business. How did our marketing message have to change overnight? What unnecessary things did we cut out budget-wise (like the 3 webinar platforms I pay for but never use… are there hidden things for you too)? How did we adjust things for our team members? This of course leads into how I’m adjusting things for my family as well.

>> At 9:07, I start answering audience questions. Questions like: How can I launch right now and what’s the best way to do that in this season? Should you cut prices for your services right now? How can I best support my team and market my business even if business seems like it’s at a halt? What should I do with my business if I’m just starting out and don't have a following yet?

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