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Serving Before Selling with Vanessa Wilde

Today on the Business With Impact podcast I'm so excited to be joined by Business With Impact Society member, Vanessa Wilde!

In today's episode, Vanessa’s sharing tips about how to create content that connects. No matter what type of online business you have, these tips are going to be super-relevant to you!

So get ready, have a pen and paper in hand because your content game is going to go to the next level once you listen to Vanessa share today!


At 5:16, Vanessa talks us through some common mistakes she sees business owners in the network marketing industry make. Vanessa is really working to elevate the network marketing industry through the way she teaches content marketing.


At 8:18, Vanessa talks about building trust with your audience base and why this is SO important to do if you want to be successful and make sales. Building trust goes beyond just the network marketing world and Vanessa shares some great advice here on how all business owners can do this.


At 10:15, we jump into all things content! Is consistency really the key here when it comes to how we post? Vanessa is going to break down this common misconception here. Be sure not to miss this part of the episode!


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