Amber Brueseke:

Setting Achievable Goals for Your Business

How often in life and in business do you set a goal for yourself and you work and work on this goal, yet nothing changes?

Oh friend, I’ve been there and done that! Whether it was my personal health and fitness or the health of my business… I’ve been there.

What I’ve come to learn is that what’s usually going on behind the scenes when this happens is that we’re focusing on the wrong data points and metrics, and that’s why we’re not getting the results we expect!

That’s why I’m so excited for today’s Business With Impact episode! Today we’re going to hear from Amber Brueseke from Biceps After Babies! Amber is a registered nurse, certified personal trainer, and online fitness coach who has worked with over 1,000 fitness clients helping them to work for the goals they want while loving the body they have.

In today's episode, Amber is going to teach us how we've probably been focusing on the wrong data points when it comes to our health and fitness and how to set goals we can actually achieve and why this matters so much!

One of the things I love about Amber is her mission and her vision, which is that it’s okay to love the body you're in and still have goals. BUT we talk not just about the fitness side of this concept, but how this really relates to your business. This is an episode I had so much fun recording and it's one that I know that you're going to get a lot of insight out of!

>> At 5:38, after Amber tells us the story of how she got started in business (including a moment of divine inspiration in a minivan), she dives into the mission of her business which, although may be fitness in nature, really goes much deeper than that. It’s all about teaching you that you have so much inside of you just waiting to be tapped into simply by setting goals.

>> At 8:09, Amber shares some of the biggest pitfalls and mistakes she sees women make when it comes to the health of their lives and their businesses. And she talks about striking a healthy balance in our lives when it comes to goal-setting.

>> At 11:20, we talk about what to do when we feel like we’ve hit a plateau in our weight loss goals or in the goals for our business. Usually this happens when we set bad data points. What does that mean? Well, let’s just say that just like the scale is a bad way to measure success in your weight loss journey, you could be using a “scale” in your business that isn’t really showing your true success.

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