Rachel McMichael:

Shifting Our Perspectives

Did you know that the grass is not always greener on the other side? The grass is actually greener where we water it.

Unfortunately, so many of us are too busy looking at other people wishing that we had their grass, wishing that we lived in their house, wishing that we could own their fields– and the reality is while we're sitting here complaining about our dry grass, we don’t realize that our dry grass is only dry because we haven't chosen to water it.

So we have a choice: We can complain about our dry grass and wish we had someone else's grass. Or we can start watering.

Today on the Business With Impact podcast, our focus is all about how we get to choose our responses to every situation or season of business we may find ourselves in.

Oh you guys…this episode is just as difficult for me to share as it might be for you to receive. But I hope that as you listen, you realize how we truly are responsible for our own reactions!

>> At 1:57, I jump right in and get vulnerable with you by sharing some notes I wrote down when I wasn’t feeling at my best business-wise earlier this year when I was at a mastermind event in Chicago. Listen in and tell me if you’ve ever felt similar to what I share here.

>> At 3:32, I share about a 15 minute conversation that changed my life and helped me reframe my perspective, which ultimately led to me creating The Business With Impact Society.

>> At 8:32, we end our conversation with some practical advice and encouragement on how to move forward out of these comparison “slumps” we sometimes find ourselves in as business owners.

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