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Day 5: The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Your Online Business - How to Boost Your Energy + Immunity

This week, we’re doing something different. We’re cancelling our regularly scheduled programming to bring you an impactful, important series all about the Coronavirus and your online business.

On Monday's episode, we teed up the week and shared our response at McMichael Consulting LLC. I explained my heart behind this series and how the goal this week is to bring you along on this journey with us. 

On Tuesday, we heard from Stacy Tuschl and Mel Abraham all about how to recession-proof your business.

On Wednesday, we heard from six industry leaders who shared what they’re doing in their businesses, how they’re changing up their message, how they are supporting their customers, and how they’re deciding when to promote and sell again. 

Yesterday was all about moms — and I invited a few of my good friends to talk about how they are doing it all — working with the kiddos at home, maintaining the peace during this season of social distancing, and still serving their clients in new and unique ways.

And today, we're talking all about health. Physical health, nutritional health, emotional health, and spiritual health — and we're getting some of the BEST practical, tangible tips that we can use (with the kids!) 

My commitment to you is this: The Business with Impact Podcast will continue to be your go-to FREE resource for all things business and strategy, and The Business with Impact Society will continue to be the BEST place on the internet to get the training and support you need to build a CONSISTENT and PROFITABLE business, without sacrificing your family, your free time, or your sanity.

Friend, we are in this together and we will move forward with a strategy, a plan, and we will stay strong together.

We already know that when women support women, we all thrive — and I am committed to bringing up the most up-to-date, relevant, timely business strategy so you can continue to make a big impact in your corner of the internet….

On today’s episode we're talking all about health. Physical health, nutritional health, emotional health, and spiritual health — and we're getting some of the BEST practical, tangible tips that we can use (with the kids!) 

You'll hear from:

Amy Ramsey, founder of the Fit Soul about what she and her clients are doing to stay healthy in each of these areas. Grab a pen and paper, because she's sharing seven tips including everything from immune-boosting foods to ways to de-stress and de-compress!

Michelle Myers, founder of She Works His Way and author of Famous in Heaven and at Home about some of the spiritual lessons she's been learning and promises she's clinging to during this ever-changing landscape.

Molly Phairfounder of the Happy Healthy Whole Membership, who is walk us through some very practical, tangible steps in her six pillars for fitness success (she may even prescribe a dance party and some board games… but you'll have to listen in to hear why…)

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When you join, make sure to submit your question for this week’s Q&A because now, more than ever, we want to help you serve the clients who need you most!

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