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Day 3: The Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Your Online Business - How To Move Forward

This week, we’re doing something different. We’re cancelling our regularly scheduled programming to bring you an impactful, important series all about the Coronavirus and your online business.

On Monday's episode, we teed up the week and shared our response at McMichael Consulting LLC. I explained my heart behind this series and how the goal this week is to bring you along on this journey with us. 

Yesterday, we heard from Stacy Tuschl and Mel Abraham all about how to recession-proof your business and wow — the DMs and messages I received from so many of you brought me JOY! If you loved yesterday’s episode… just wait — because the next three days are sure to be just as amazing!

Each day, in this five-part mini-series we will continue to answer your questions — questions like:

  • What do we do?
  • How do we move forward?
  • What steps do we take as online business owners?
  • Is it ok to sell our products and services right now?

We’re interviewing leading experts in our industry to talk through how they’re responding and to get their best tips, strategies, and practices to recession-proof our businesses, protect our health, serve our families, and maintain financial peace.

My commitment to you is this: The Business with Impact Podcast will continue to be your go-to FREE resource for all things business and strategy, and The Business with Impact Society will continue to be the BEST place on the internet to get the training and support you need to build a CONSISTENT and PROFITABLE business, without sacrificing your family, your free time, or your sanity.

Friend, we are in this together and we will move forward with a strategy, a plan, and we will stay strong together.

We already know that when women support women, we all thrive — and I am committed to bringing up the most up-to-date, relevant, timely business strategy so you can continue to make a big impact in your corner of the internet….

On today’s episode I’ve invited a few of my good friends to share with you. You’ll be hearing from a few of my mastermind sisters AND some of the ladies in the Business with Impact Society.

Each of these rockstars is going to share her BEST tips, tricks, advice, and strategies for how she is navigating this “new normal” and “new season” in business. 

You'll hear from:

Dr Shannon Irvine with an update of how she's reprogramming her brain for success. 

Dr. Shannon is a business strategist and brain expert and she’s the queen of helping entrepreneurs master their mindset so they can break through the blocks that have been holding them back in their business. We all know that mindset is important, but Dr. Shannon takes it to a whole new level of not just taking your thoughts captive, but creating the mindset that’s essential for six-and seven-figure success. I asked Dr. Shannon to share with us what she’s been feeling and what she’s been doing to really set herself and her community up for success.

Rachel Perry with how to nurture your online community.

Rachel is the founder of the Wealth + Worth Builders Community which is her EXCLUSIVE membership for direct sellers where Rachel coaches them not just how to grow their business, but how to build a consistent and profitable direct selling business while having fun. Rachel has helped thousands of direct sellers break out of their business ruts, and the advice that Rachel’s going to share with us today isn’t just for network marketers — it’s for anyone running an online business in the current environment.

Penny Elliott with when to sell, how to sell, and why to sell (why staying sensitive).

Penny is one of our founding members of the business with Impact Society, and she is a Sales Superstar. She literally wrote the book on it (you can grab it on Amazon) and she is a force to be reckoned with. If you’ve been curious about whether or not you should continue to sell and serve your clients, Penny is going to give you the push you need to keep moving forward in momentum!

Shannon Tacheny about the importance of leading with trust and staying relevant.

Shannon is also a founding member of the Business with Impact Society, and Shannon is the Founder and CEO of Feather Blue Studies. Shannon’s superpowers are strategy, marketing, brand development, communications, design, and writing — and today she’s sharing her top tip for navigating this new season.

Anita Morin with her top five tips for success in this season.

Anita is the founder and CEO of FDS Creatives. Anita is another fellow Business with impact Society member, and is the go-to girl for business owners who are ready to harness the power of video and audio marketing to create more leads, income and impact. Listen up as Anita shares the Top 4 things that she’s doing right now to make sure she’s supporting her clients best and focusing on the things that matter most in her business.

Christina Jandali about why the world needs you to show up now more than ever.

Christina is the CEO and Founder of Deliver Your Genius, and she’s also the resident Facebook Groups expert in our mastermind. Christina has truly mastered the art of connection… and she’s leveraged the power of community and consistency to create a seven-figure business (and how she helps others do the same!)

This week, we're continuing to provide you with the BEST resources on what to do in the coming weeks (with a 5-part series this week on The Business with Impact Podcast):

Each day, we’ll cover a variety of topics related to the COVID-19 in the areas of:

  • Online Business
  • Your Home & Family
  • Your Finances
  • Maintaining Your Health

If you need more personal attention on your business — you’re ready to stop spinning your wheels and start generating more leads, making more sales, and creating a bigger impact, you’re ready to link arms with a community that cares, or you need answers to your unique business questions – for a limited time we’ve opened up the doors to The Business with Impact Society to allow you to get the direct you need, the community you crave, and the support that will help you thrive.

Members like Penny, Shannon, and Anita are waiting to support you. And you can join today for just $7.

When you join, make sure to submit your question for this week’s Q&A because now, more than ever, we want to help you serve the clients who need you most!

Make sure to head over to rachelmcmichael.com/society for all the details.


Here’s how to get the most updated information on COVID-19 from the Center for Disease Control: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/share-facts.html

And here’s a link to the resource page on our website for all of the up-to-date information both from our podcast series and from local business owners who are doing their part in bringing the best deals and services to you during this uncharted season we’re navigating through together.

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