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The Five Most Important Processes in Our Online Business
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Today on the Business With Impact podcast we're diving into the five most important processes every online business needs.

We talk all the time about how 80% of our results in our business can be attributed to 20% of our activities. And we talk all the time about the Core 5 processes that contribute to these 20% activities. On today’s episode, we’re going to dive into the most important processes for each of our Core 5 areas (customer support, sales, lead generation, traffic, and content creation).

So let’s dive in!


At 5:52, we dive into the first process: customer support. And we talk specifically about customer recognition, referrals, and collections. I share the exact process we use with our Business with Impact Society members and that we’ve used for years in our group coaching programs.


At 8:28, we talk about the next two processes: sales generation and lead generation. I share ideas for processes around sales calls (for 1:1 coaching) and sales funnels. And I discuss why we can’t just “set it and forget it” but we can “set it and monitor it”.


At 12:51, I share the final two processes: traffic and content creation. We talk about organic strategies + paid strategies, and why having these strategies matters if you want predictability and consistency in your business.


Do more than automate your email, create buyers + repeat customers!.

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One of the most important softwares we use in our business every day is Active Campaign. We use it to communicate with our email list and to create funnels to take potential customers from “who's this” to “I'm ready to work with you”… but there are so many things you can use it for!

ActiveCampaign is Louis Vuitton quality at a Target price! With it you can create unlimited funnels, create tags and workflows, add notes to your customer files, manage #allthethings, and there are additional upgrades that even allow for texting and DMing, all from the platform!

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