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The Importance of Messaging In Online Business with Brandon Lucero
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Today on the Business With Impact podcast, I'm so excited to continue the conversation we started with Brandon Lucero last week in Episode 148.

Our messaging matters. And how we frame our messaging can help us stand out – because we stand for something.

I’m so excited for today’s episode!


At 1:30, We dive in and talk about why we’re in business – because we know that we have real solutions to real problems – and we want to get our message to the world


At 2:23, I share my own struggles with messaging – and mistakes I used to make (like scrolling my newsfeed to see what other experts were doing for “inspiration” rather than sharing my purpose and vision.


At 4:22, I share an analogy that was shared with me about how our messaging can truly make or break our business – and why it’s so important even though it’s only one small part of the equation.

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