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The Key Ingredients to a Successful Launch
Do you have a launch, a challenge, or a webinar coming up?

Maybe you have one in the very early stages… or maybe you’re knee-deep in the plans for your next one. 

Wherever you are in the process, today’s Business With Impact podcast is for you!

We're talking about the key ingredients to your successful offer and what every launch must have in order to help your buyer make the decision that your product is one that they can't live without!

You're going to want to grab a pencil and paper for this episode because these are all the juicy details  you NEED to include in your next promotion!

>> At 3:50, after I encourage you all not to get too hung up on the “vehicle” to use (webinar, email sequence, etc.), we jump right into the first key ingredient: Your offer. What is a good offer? What makes a great offer? We talk all about that here!

>> At 7:01, we’re talking all about niching down to the right person (who are you really trying to sell to, and are you really getting into their head and thinking about what can best serve them?) and then we’ll talk about an often uncomfortable topic: Cost!

>> At 13:18, we end the way we started: What vehicle is best for you– webinar, email sequence, etc.? But this time we take into consideration the key ingredients we just discussed. I’ll walk you through these last steps and remind you to trust the data throughout the whole process!

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