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The Mindset of a 7-Figure Entrepreneur

Today on the Business With Impact podcast, we're talking about one of my favorite topics.


But if you would’ve asked me three years ago if this one of my favorite topics… I would have laughed at you, rolled my eyes, and groaned inwardly. I thought that business really can't just be about mindset.

But you know what I’ve learned? That MINDSET is absolutely one of the main things that separates a 6-figure earner in business from a 7-figure earner in business.

And while there is absolutely action and strategy that must take place in order for you to go where you need to go, and do what you need to do in your online business, I'm going to be really honest with you guys… the mindset muscle is one of the weakest muscles of so many entrepreneurs.

But when you're willing to make these shifts in your business, they will set you up to be able to do the things you need to do. So let's dive in as we talk about four of these big lessons that I had to learn in my own business!

>> At 2:46, I jump right into the first big mindset lesson all business owners need to learn! And just a quick hint here, it’s all about FAILURE. But probably not in a way you’ve heard others talk about failure before. I want to show you how to fail FORWARD.

>> At 5:15, I move into the second and third mindset lessons, which have to do with learning to figure ALL things out in your business and (here’s a hard one) learning to take PERSONAL responsibility. Ouch. Yeah, that one’s not as fun… and I’m sharing some big mistakes I’ve made here! 

>> At 12:46, we talk about a familiar lesson that we’ve all heard before, but you guys… it is SO vital to reaching that next level in business: We have got to STOP comparing! I dive in here on some practical tips to help you stop playing the comparison game.

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