Maghon Taylor:

Turning Mistakes Into Celebrations

A friend of mine messaged me at the beginning of this year and told me that one of her goals by the end of the year was to learn how to hand letter so that all of her Christmas cards could be hand-lettered this coming December #seriousgoals

Well, friend…. I need to introduce you to my new friend Maghon Taylor!

Maghon Taylor is the founder of All She Wrote Notes, where she teaches all things hand lettering… but even if you’re not looking to learn how to hand letter, I am so excited for today’s Business With Impact episode because you’re going to hear Maghon’s business story of how she got started, what she's been doing to grow her business, and how she stays positive through it all!

I know you’ll leave as inspired as I was by Maghon’s story and her practical business tips for what to do in the midst of struggle!

>> At 3:05, so often we look at other business owners and their success and we think it must’ve just happened overnight for them — and that’s just not the case! Maghon takes us through her journey here and shows us how “slow and steady” truly does win the race in the long run.

>> At 6:50, Maghon takes us through some of the bigger steps and decisions she’s had to make in her business, like when she knew it was time to quit her day job and go all in full-time to this business, or tackling some of her biggest fears (like, how could she be sure to keep the customers coming?), and how she dealt with the growth of her business (and common mistakes to avoid while your business is growing)!

>> At 13:31, we talk about when we DO make mistakes as business owners (because let’s get real y’all – we can EXPECT to make mistakes) how to turn it around — and Maghon shares a personal story of how she turned her mistakes into confetti (literally!), which ultimately led to the writing of her book! 

What mistakes are you letting define you instead of inspire you? Who knows, you could be on the verge of something big!

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