Rachel McMichael:

What Disney World Taught Me About My Business

Today on the Business With Impact podcast I want to share about a recent vacation that my family and I went on to the most magical place on earth.

You guessed it, Disney World!

We were only there for two days but those two days felt like four days, and in that time we had some magical memories and experiences. But what I learned along the way, just by being a customer of the Disney brand, was how Disney got so many things right in their business!

What I hope to share with you today is some inspiration that could help you become the “Disney” in your niche, how you can be the “Disney” in your self-owned business and industry,and how you can make your customers feel the way that my family and I felt while we were visiting Disney's theme parks.

>> At 3:36, I jump right in and share with you some of the many, many ways that the Disney staff (from the hotels to the theme park) went above and beyond to serve my family and the other families around us. From waiving fees, to bathroom accommodations for little ones, to ride lines, and everything in between– the Disney experience is really top notch.  

>> At 12:32, I touch on one aspect of the Disney parks that I thought was absolutely exceptional (consider this an extra bonus nugget of advice if you ever decide to visit Disney): they are absolutely accommodating of all people– no matter your dietary restrictions, your economic status, whether you have a disability, whatever it is, you are welcome at Disney!

>> At 18:00, Well what do all of these experiences have to do with our businesses? I begin to share here how we can take these experiences from the Disney parks and implement them in our own businesses and industries.

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