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Why focusing on the ONE thing is the BEST thing
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Today on the Business With Impact podcast, we're diving into why the ‘one thing’ is the most important thing in your business.

Before we talk about what the ‘one thing’ is, I share one of the biggest mistakes that I see so many entrepreneurs make in their business.

Then we debunk some advice and rules given to growing entrepreneurs that just doesn’t make sense, including some of the lies we’ve been telling ourselves since the beginning (spoiler alert: these lies have been holding us back ever since!)

So let’s dive in!


>> At 1:51, we dive into the first lie I see so often: multitasking. Somewhere along the way, so many of us have been taught that it's good to be a multi-tasker. And yet we know that scientifically it's been proven that multitasking doesn't work. Let’s talk FOCUS instead.


>> At 4:55, we focus on the next lie: seven streams of income. So bear with me on this one, because a lot of people say that seven figure earners have seven streams of income, and I'm not disagreeing with that. BUT what if I told you that’s not the whole truth?


>> At 7:33, we talk about the third lie: the succession model. Now I don't disagree with the succession model either, but believers in the succession model leave out a game-changing detail: the TIMELINE you need to be using for it to really get you where you need to go.

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