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A Review of Brandon Lucero’s Video 4X Effect Program

Video 4x Effect is a program that had such a profound impact on my business. And because I get SO many questions about this program, I thought I’d give you a detailed review of EVERYTHING about Video 4X Effect — including my EPIC Video 4X Effect Bonuses (for those who join the program alongside me), my Video 4X Effect review, and the Video 4X Effect cost!

Video 4X Effect Review

Why the Video 4X Effect?

We all know that the three main ingredients of building an offer are getting the right message in front of the right person at the right time. And if you’re anything like the online business owners I work with, you might have thought at some point that your main struggle is getting in front of the right people. These struggling business owners spend most of their time fixated on their audience and list size…

They say things like “if only I had a bigger audience, then I would see the results I want…” Right?

I’ve been there 🙋

But I know both from personal experience and from working with thousands of online business owners, that the bigger issue is this: most struggling online business owners aren't attracting a bigger audience because they aren’t speaking their audience's language.

And it’s not their fault.

They just don’t have the tools, the resources, and the information they need in order to get in front of the right people — and that starts with messaging… understanding who your ideal client is… knowing their niche… knowing why they make the decisions they make… and creating a message that positions YOU as the expert in your industry to solve their problem.

Before we go any further, you might hear me say “expert” and a lot of feelings might start to come up. I call this, “imposter syndrome” — which means that they’re not sure that they’re actually the expert in their industry.

In Brandon’s Video 4X Effect training, he helps overcome this limiting belief and shows you first why you ARE the expert and second HOW to highlight your expertise in a way that others see it, get it, and want it too!

I joined the Video 4X Effect in February 2018, and after working with Brandon Lucero both in this program and in his higher-ticket group coaching program, I can confidently say that I’m a proud affiliate for the Video 4X Effect!

I wholeheartedly recommend this program.

Let me tell you why…

Brandon Lucero

Brandon Lucero’s Background & Experience

Video 4X Effect is created by Brandon Lucero.

Brandon is the founder of the Video 4x effect methodology, which fixes and elevates content inside of online brands and companies. He is responsible for millions of views and products sold online by focusing your content and messaging on changing beliefs, shifting perspective, and the psychology of engagement, selling, and behavior.

Brandon has also been my personal coach, and has helped me grow not one, but three multi-six figure businesses.

When you join the Video 4X Effect, you’ll be in great hands.

What’s Included in the Course/How It’s Organized

The Video 4X Effect is organized into 4 key sections, each with 8-20 lessons. Each lesson consists of a video from Brandon and/or his team and includes relevant workbooks, downloads, and deliverables. There are also several bonus training sessions. The content is incredibly informative, clear, and it includes exactly what you need to do to see results in your business.

Video 4X Effect Mockup
If you're worried about the tech, don't be! Brandon walks you through every step of the process — including crafting your unique message, how to create live or pre-recorded video, a Facebook ads traffic strategy (with all the walkthrough videos), how to hire and train a team or freelancer or do this in-house, and a host of other amazing bonuses!

In addition, there is a Facebook® group that you get access to for the duration of the program. The FB group is there for you! It’s for asking questions about the content included in The Video 4x Effect program, posting scripts and ideas for feedback from the members of the team (or Brandon!), feedback from other group members, posting successes, milestones, and revelations, asking about resources in terms of gear tips, or sharing best-practices and how you've implemented the 4X Effect into your business.

The Video 4X Effect Cost

The Video 4X Effect is a $2,997 (or 6 x $579) (or 12 x $297) year-long program offered once a year around March.

It consists of 4 core modules covering foundations, messaging, marketing, and growth. There are also tons of incredible bonuses, live group coaching calls, and an extremely active FB group community for the duration of the course.

That means you’ll receive personalized support (the group coaching calls, submitting questions in the Facebook group) and support from the community… And this community is a community of online business owners who are so giving and ready to share their advice and their support.

And when you join with my Epic Video 4X Effect Bonus Bundle, there’s EVEN more!

What’s Included in My Epic Video 4X Effect Bonuses?

When you join the Video 4X Effect through my affiliate link, you're going to get the following bonuses:


The Profit Mastermind 2-Day Live Event

My first bonus is a big one — for me as well as you. This one will be held in person (if possible) and if not, will include an incredible VIRTUAL event!

Come join us in person as I reveal the EXACT framework I've followed to scale all three of my businesses to six figures (working only four hours a day, four days a week).

You can be a great mom AND a great business owner – and I'll show you exactly how I navigate both! This will give us a chance to meet in person and collaborate on helping you grow a business you truly love. 💕

In the event that we are unable to meet live, we will provide an incredible virtual experience to replace the in-person event.

While we're together, we’ll dig into the nitty gritty of all the things you need to do to predictably grow and automate your online business without the guesswork or overwhelm. Yes, these are the things you WISH other gurus would stop glossing over and finally give to you straight. If travel safety becomes a concern – don't dismay – we'll create an EPIC Virtual experience, custom-curated just for you!

PLUS! You'll Also Receive The Recordings of the ENTIRE Workshop Absolutely FREE!


6 Weeks Accelerator Mastermind

If there's one thing I'm really good at, it's mentoring online business owners who are ready for RESULTS! The main goal here is to make sure you’re supported and held accountable. As you work through the program, there is one thing that we know for sure — you're going to have questions.

And as long as you enroll in the Video 4X Effect through my link, I will make sure that you won't stay stuck on anything longer than necessary.

I know that you already know that with the right accountability and support from someone who has been there before you, you'll have exactly what you need to keep pushing forward.💪


10 Customer Retention Strategies

Having a thriving business on autopilot has freed up my time so that I can focus on growing and scaling my business while ensuring I have a steady income to back new ventures. In this bonus, I will share my 10 top secret retention tips and tricks that will keep your customers happy, engaged, paying, and loyal! 📈

Included in this bonus, you'll receive the exact “collections” emails we send to clients who have failed to pay to get them back in the game!


Plug-And-Play Automations

If you're anything like the clients I work with every day, you don't need more training, you need it done for you — with easy to follow workbooks, printables, and more!

How would you like to get access to the exact email funnels, landing pages, thank you pages, and sales pages that helped me grow and scale my own business… Every step laid out for you – from copy to design… start to finish. 🏁

A lot of strategy, tons of work and a serious dollars went into designing this, but you can have it for FREE if you enroll in the The Video 4X Effect with my bonus package. Are you willing to miss it? I hope not.


Sales Page That Sells™ Masterclass

What good is getting visible if you don't have an irresistible offer? As part of this bonus, you'll get access to my Sales Page that Sells™ training including plug-and-play templates, mad-libs style copywriting, and more!

All the traffic in the world, sent to an offer that doesn't sell is futile, and in this BONUS, you'll learn the ins and outs to creating an offer that's irresistible and has your ideal customer saying “YES”!


A 30-Minute 1:1 Plan-It-Out Strategy Session with Me!

I don’t work with 1:1 clients at the moment, and when I did, my packages were priced at $10,000+. But because I believe in this program and in YOU, I’m excited to share this limited-time bonus!

Yes, that's my eyes on whichever area of your business you need the MOST support with. Ads, funnels, strategy, branding, marketing… you name it, we'll solve it!

This private coaching session (just you and me) is the perfect compliment to your Video 4X Effect journey and will set you up to make THIS year your best year yet!

Want to be the first in line to grab these incredible bonuses to enhance your Video 4X Effect experience?

Join the waitlist to be one of the first to know when they’re released!!👇

My Favorite (& Least Favorite) Things About the Video 4X Effect

One of the things I love the most about the Video 4X Effect is how detailed and solid the training is.

Brandon gives generously. The fact of the matter is, he could easily charge $10,000 or $20,000 for this program with all of the information that Brandon shares.

Not only that… When you begin to implement what Brandon teaches you through this program, you'll start to see a shift in the way that you show up for your audience and in your messaging. It definitely provides an easy-to-see, realizable return on your investment!

I also really love that you get lifetime access to the video modules, so you're not on a timeline to have to get it all done right away—although, I highly suggest implementing it as quickly as you possibly can!

One of the things that I don’t love about the program is specific to the online business owner who is just getting started (and who may not already have their funnels and offer dialed in yet) — if that’s the case for you, this program is missing those pieces… but!… that's why I created the Epic Video 4X Effect Bonus Package — because my bonus package, coupled with what you learn in The Video 4X Effect, fills in the gaps!

My Overall Experience with the Video 4X Effect?

Having invested more than six figures (yes, that’s 100,000+) in online courses over the last six years, I would call myself an online course connoisseur.

And in my opinion, this program is one of the top three courses that I’ve ever been a part of. Why? Simply because of ALL the value you get in this program. It can’t be beat! It really is full of amazing content and value.

I’m not kidding when I say that this course legitimately has everything you could possibly want or need to help take your business to the next level (generate more leads, convert more sales, and position you as an authority and expert in your market)!

This course begins by making sure you understand your mindset and the goals you want to achieve in your business. Who are you here for? And why are you here?

Brandon walks you through your messaging and your marketing content so that you're no longer left wondering what to post, when to post, or how to post.

You also create a plan to release videos that are short, concise, but high impact (so this isn't something that's going to take you hundreds of hours!) — you're making sure you're getting your right message to the right person at the right time.

The simple fact that Brandon includes the paid traffic strategy, which offered alone would cost $2,000 (I paid over $2,000 for a similar course), is just incredible!

And the fact that he also teaches you exactly how to train a team or do it yourself + has all of the bonus video production live group calls + has his team review all of your scripts is absolutely unbelievable!

So, again, I mean it when I say that this course is absolutely incredible and you could start seeing results almost immediately!

The Role the Video 4X Effect Has Played in My Business?

I joined The Video 4X Effect when my (now-retired) signature offer was my ads program: The AcADemy.

What happened when I implemented his trainings, tools, and thought-reversal video strategy?

Our evergreen sales of The AcADemy skyrocketed when we began implementing this system! Plugging into Brandon’s proven system helped generate new sales EVERY SINGLE DAY… It was amazing!

Final Thoughts

Brandon Lucero’s Video 4X Effect is all about mastering your message and creating content that does 80% of the selling for you. And the bonuses I’ve created are designed to add even more fuel to your sales funnel fire!

If you’re ready to stand out, build an audience of raving fans, and then convert them into leads and customers then The Video 4X Effect program is right for you.

When you join the Video 4X Effect through my affiliate link, you're going to get the following bonuses:


The Profit Mastermind 2-Day Live Event + Recordings (this will be held in Q3 2021)


Plug-And-Play Automations (including the exact email funnels, landing pages, thank you pages, and sales pages that helped me grow and scale my own business…)


6 Weeks Accelerator Mastermind (with me as your coach!)


Sales Page That Sells™ Masterclass (As part of this bonus, you'll get access to my Sales Page that Sells™ training including plug-and-play templates, mad-libs style copywriting, and more!)


10 Customer Retention Strategies (to make sure your customers keep coming back!)


A 30-Minute 1:1 Plan-It-Out Strategy Session with Me! (Yes, that's my eyes on whichever area of your business you need the MOST support with. Ads, funnels, strategy, branding, marketing… you name it)

If you want to get even more details about what's included in the program and in our bonus package, click here!

To get more information on our free trainings or to get on the wait-list for the Video 4X Effect program, click here!

And if you have any specific questions about the program, contact me here.

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