A collection of websites Rachel has designed, upgraded, coded, and/or assisted with technology.

“Rachel McMichael guides you from wanting to cry and throw your computer out the window to a place of calm safety, because you know she’s got your back! I struggled with the tech pieces of my business till no tomorrow. Seriously, I wanted to get into personal development to change lives but I could figure out how to make all the pieces work to even let people know what I was doing! I wanted to cry most of the time because I was so frustrated. I didn’t even know what I didn’t know. I had no idea coaching required me to have an IT degree. Rachel got on the phone with me, talked me off the ledge and took all the tedious, foreign crap off my plate! She was a godsend! She took all the mess and made it work! Not only did she make it work she made it pretty! She was a tremendous help with all systems but especially the website! The website is my calling card to the world. It’s the first place people come to check me out and snoop around to see if we might be a good fit and I wanted it to represent me well! She nailed it! I love my website and I love that I am able to go in and make tweaks when I want! Would totally recommend Rachel….. you aren’t throwing in the towel by outsourcing, you're smart and you can get back to working on the pieces of your biz you actually enjoy!”

– Samm Murphy, Life & Business Coach

“My experience working with Rachel and her amazing team on my tech needs has been nothing short of fabulous! Rachel is a wonderful listener and was able to translate my vision into a website and brand that I love and am proud of. Her energy, passion and purpose shines through in every element of her business. I truly appreciated the project updates that I received, as well as the attention to detail that her whole team exhibited to meet my technical goals and objectives. Don’t hesitate on working with Rachel. She is the real deal and will help to take your business to new levels.”

– Karen Schmidt, Business Success Coach + Strategist

“Since working with Rachel and her team, I have had the opportunity to see the power of an amazing website! Not only did they completely revise my website, she suggested rebranding. BEST IDEA EVER! Rachel was able to capture my brand, message and best of all my personalty with my new branding. I am very thankful she took the leg work out of doing all of the tech side of my business so I could focus on serving my clients!”

– Jen Becker, Brand Development & Success Coach

Membership Sites

A collection of membership sites designed and custom coded by Rachel.

“There is no one better at tech than Rachel! Rachel created a BEAUTIFUL Business and Fitness membership site for my clients, which is going to be an AMAZING income stream I can use FOREVER! She is extremely quick and knowledgeable and can make anything possible for your site, ads, website, anything! She is the secret weapon to your back end business success, and takes ALL THE STRESS!”

– Jasmin Niemiec, Business Mentor + Running Coach

“I am so glad to have crossed Rachel's path!! She has been such a significant part of my business development. She creates a clear path for success and helps make the process of integrating tech seamless. I am in absolutely, no way, technically saavy. I want to dedicate my time to creating programs for ambitious career women, not learning how to build a website! She was able to take my vision for my site and make it reality! I get so many positive comments on how great my website is. Rachel has simplified the process for me and created step-by-step lessons on all things tech that I can refer to so that I can accomplish tasks on my own. She has empowered me and made me feel like I CAN figure out technology. She is such a life-saver and explains the techy talk to me in a way that MAKES SENSE. I have loved working with Rachel and will definitely work with her again!”

– Ericka Eller, Women's Wellness Coach

“Words cannot describe how thrilled I am with the work Rachel has done on my website and membership site. When I first got in contact with Rachel she filled me with confidence that she could create the perfect website for me. I had a business which needed completely rebranding to make it a success and Rachel knew exactly how to do it. Over the months that we worked together, nothing has been too much trouble. Rachel isn’t happy until you are happy and she has put in 110% to ensure I loved what she had created. I cannot recommend Rachel and her team enough, I couldn’t possibly have done this without her and I am so thankful for her work.”

– Robyn Turner, Fit-Mums

Other Design Projects